This past winter we attended the artist Don Perlis’s loft open house in Tribeca. Upon entering his studio, we were greeted by some friends both old and new. What caught our eye were the incredibly dramatic paintings hanging throughout the space. Don’s keen eye for detail is evident in his extremely large-scale realistic works. The stories being told range from city life, literature , to opera and theater. ┬áThe narrative in his works range from justice to love, to revenge to betrayal. * There is a real, traditional, almost old master look to his works, yet they have a fresh, very current feel.

“Mighty Clouds of Joy”, D. Perlis
52 x 41.5″
oil on canvas

Knowledge of these stories being told in his works is essential to understanding Perlis’s paintings since the narratives are fused to the compositions, colors, and brushwork to form an invisible whole.* Having lived in New York all his life, Perlis portrays the urban chaos that the city has survived amongst the urban subways and spaces throughout the city.
For more information and to view more works from the artist:
contact CSM and view Perlis’s website

“Union Square”, D. Perlis
26 x 72″
oil on canvas

“Somersault”, D. Perlis
47 x 32″
oil on canvas

“Performer 4″, D. Perlis
47 x 38”
oil on canvas

*Stanley I Grand, from the catalog “Don Perlis, Narrative Reborn”.