Happy New Year from CSM

As another year and decade come to a close, I feel grateful to wake up everyday and do what I love most: I find beautiful artand share it with all of you.
Like many good things, CSM Art & Frame was born from pure happenstance. Back in 1994, I left my job at an art consulting firm in New York City, loaded some local artists’ works into my white VW Scirocco, and listened to my heart telling me to set out on my own. Now 25 years later (an eternity in gallery years), I am proud of what I have accomplished.
It would be impossible to sum up the last quarter-century at CSM Art & Frame without mentioning the incredible team, artists, vendors and designers with whom I’ve enjoyed the great pleasure to collaborate. And to my family and friends—who continue to be my biggest cheerleaders, confidants, and counselors—thank you for steering me toward success.
But to the single most important person: I thank you, dear client. You inspire me and you are the one who has made the gallery what it is today.
Cheers to each and everyone of you! Here’s to another 25 years of shared success.
With gratitude,

Champagne art prints are available at the gallery.