CSM is working with NJ artist, Michelle Tomasso in preserving ones photographs and memories within an art piece. Michelle is a “keeper of all photographs from back in the day”. Not only does she love to restore them, but incorporates them into her artwork through traditional printmaking techniques. She takes her love of scrapbooking to the next level in her pieces by creating individual prints of a person or family to honor or memorialize them . She adds an article of clothing or handwriting to create a composite image of the individual. She adds papers and textural borders to the composition.

M. Tomasso
Commission, family photo
taken on Iraquois Indian Reservation
Hamilton, Canada

M. Tomasso, “Mom”
commission piece

A collagraph is a printmaking technique where materials are applied to a rigid board or substrate and then rolled with paint or intaglio ink. Many other materials can be used on the board, such as sandpaper, fabric, leaves, grass or string to create the different textures and tonal effects. When pressed onto paper, the result is called a collograph. Michelle also layers in an emulsion transfer. These are made through carefully floating the emulsion surface of a developed polaroid photo and applying it to the paper/artwork. The result is a totally customizable, meaningful, work of art with an artful vintage quality.

Please inquire at CSM for commissions, pricing and lead times.