Last weekend, I finally got in to see a very interesting open gallery exhibit in NY’s Meat Packing district.

The controversial documentarian and videographer turned street and pop artist, Thierry Guetta from France, aka Mr. Brainwash, has created a body of work in a 15,000 square foot space downtown. His story is told in Bansky’s 2010 film “Exit through the the Gift Shop”. The massively hyped Pop Art Exhibit opened in May, closed, then reopened due to the overwhelming response. The street outside was even bathed in graffitti art by Guetta. He uses words in his massive paintings like “Beauty” and “Love” and depicts icons like Michael Jackson, Madonna, and Obama Superman. Huge Paint cans, and sculptures made from tire rubber and record vinyl are sprayed with bright paint and phrases. It is unknown when the show will come down so check it out soon at 415 W 13th Street.