Each year we get the privilege of not only attending the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York, but keeping the spirit alive through January by working with Macy’s on a special project. After the holidays are over in December, CSM receives over 50 photographs of the balloons and floats to frame. CSM works with a fantastic local calligrapher, Betsy Porter Joseph, (www.bpjdesigns.com) who labels all the mats for each photo before getting framed. The name of the sponsor as well as the date of the parade are artfully written in pen and ink (not machine printed). Each photo gets framed, wrapped, then distributed as thank you gifts to all the sponsors for being a part of the event. It is such a great project knowing that our framed piece will be hanging in the corporate offices of Sony Pictures, Disney Pixar, Sesame Street, McDonalds, DreamWorks Animation, Pillsbury and Marvel Entertainment, just to name a few. All through the year we frame up the flower show, fireworks and parade posters, some of which are autographed by the celebrities involved with Macy’s and the specific events.

Macy's calligraphy 008-1


Macy's calligraphy 005




photo images courtesy Macy’s, Despicable Me, Energizer, Marvel Entertainment